Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SSU detained the first secretary of CPU Volnovaha district committee for engaging in separatist activities

The Security Service of Ukraine detained the first secretary of CPU Volnovaha district committee Sergiy Filindash, who personally organized in Volnovaha, Donetsk region mass anti-Ukrainian events with appeals to violent change of constitutional system, capturing of state power and changes of territorial integrity of Ukraine.

It was established that on March 2014 Filindash organized meeting and round-table conference in this regional center and in defiance of majority present opinion appealed to non-recognition of central power bodies, separation of Donetsk region from Ukraine and joining to Russia.

Party organizer also took part in sham referendum and jointed to formation of terrorist organization so-called “DPR” branch on the territory of Volnovaha region.

S. Filindash solicited CPU representatives of district electoral commissions to obstruction of the President of Ukraine snap elections.

In the beginning of June 2014 he controlled demonstrative change of Ukrainian state flags in Volnovaha to Russian, disseminated so-called “ultimatum” to Ukrainian power. Investigative activities are under way.

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